Pantheon of Aeternam MEMBERSHIP

We are working with earth but we also want to work with every individual on this planet, planting the seed of renewal and greatness.


There are many ways to get involved in the order, the most obvious one is to study the teachings of the gods which are available to all and can be found on our weblog. You can decide if you want our teachings to become a compass for your life and growth.


Another way to get involved in the order is to find a way, your own way, to support our community and our messengers. Only a limited number of teachings are published on our weblog. More detailed teachings about the cosmos and the creation will be shared with order members who have a good understanding of our project and work. These teachings are very sacred and cannot be found on the weblog, Facebook or Youtube.


When you decide to join our order and master the teachings of the gods, we will give you one to one guidance and support to help you understand the teachings and support you in your everyday life to fight illusion and full fill your purpose. There is a common goal for all order members to connect to the light of the gods and bring this knowledge down to earth. For this they have direct guidance from the high gods through us.


 There are three grades in our order: in the first grade students are taught the basic teachings and they are connected to the light of the gods. The students who have developed a good understanding of the teachings move on to the next level which is to become a member of the order. In this level our members study the teachings in greater depth and have responsibilities such as to prepare themselves to become teachers and become involved in our different projects. We also have an inner circle for masters and teachers of our order. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.


Dedication does not mean you are going to lose your freedom: it’s your free choice to join the order and it can be seen as something you do with love and passion.


You will receive the gift of Immortality, eternal growth and grace through your access to the creator gods of the pleroma. The power of the gods is the true elixir of life and eternal evolution.


An important part of human growth happens through healing which is a process of transformation and takes place in the astral plane. If there is a strong connection between the astral and physical body, the benefit of this growth will affect the physical body too.


Gods want to give you deep knowledge and wisdom beyond any boundaries and this will be shared by the members of the order. Furthermore, our members enjoy freedom, well-being, loving relationships and balanced lives without being stuck in a life pattern that is alien to them.


What this order offers is freedom to follow your path as an individual but also to work with others for a common goal. Everybody needs both the individual and the collective growth. It is very important that we all unite and have a common goal.


The teachings of Thoth are going to help the members of the order to connect and work together as one.


Being a member of our order, you become a member of the community of Pantheon of Aeternam. You receive guidance and support from our teachers and also connect to other members and share your experiences and learning with them. All members of the order are working together to share the light of the gods to other people and create enlightened communities. We all have unique abilities and tools to help us fulfil our purpose and support the project of the order which is allowing the divine light to heal  earth, remove all distortion and make her fit to relive her golden era. It is important to be dedicated to our project and willing to contribute to the work we are doing.

All members will be involved in projects of the order that is suited based on their skill set. Must pass membership process. Being a member of the order Pantheon of Aeternam you will receive:

Personal messages & guidance from the gods to help you connect to your purpose and true-self.


  One to one support and guidance from our teachers to help you understand and study the teachings


  Study material will be sent to you by email (including teachings which are not published on the weblog)


  All members will have access to our members’ forum, e-journal & newsletter


  Members will have the opportunity to publish their own articles on our e-journal and e-newsletter


  Members receive notifications about all events and activities


  Members can be trained to become teachers or have other important roles in the organization of the order


  Members will receive our first book which is going to be released in Autumn 2014 free of charge


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