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The order of Pantheon of Aeternam is open to all. We teach ageless wisdom and cosmic truth given to us by the High Gods of the pleroma. We were guided to connect to people of Earth and share with them their vision for the new coming of the golden era on Earth. All united, we are going to receive the light of the gods in order to purify from imbalances, distortion and fragmentation which will lead to an individual and collective transformation. Clarity will return to us, helping us to fulfill our purpose. Purity will be our guide, connecting us to astral growth.  We are offering to our order members the greatest duty: to allow the divine light to heal the Earth, remove all distortion and make her fit to relive her golden era. Gods want to give the members of our order knowledge and wisdom beyond any boundaries known to mankind. Our battle is evolution and our enemy is everything that does not grow or evolve. If you think that in your life there are elements of stagnation, you have identified your enemy.

Pantheon of Aeternam invites you to a series of monthly meetings which will take place in London at Queen's Wood. The meetings will focus on the teachings of the god Thoth, supporting humanity to experience purification, transformation, growth and fulfil their purpose. Participants will have the opportunity to:

Connect to the light of the gods and receive messages and guidance

Receive healing and clear imbalances and blockages

Understand their purpose and the tools they posses to achieve it

Go through a purification and a transformation process

disconnect from illusion and artificiality and connect to your true-self

experience growth

Connect to their astral body

Experience unity with the cosmos

Receive enlightenment and cosmic wisdom.





The messengers of Pantheon of Aeternam are able to connect energetically to God Thoth. He is the creator of Earth and through the messengers he wants to awake humanity and bring the Golden Age on the Planet. When you receive the Light of Thoth you will have clarity, be able to connect to your purpose, and have a fulfilled life. In this meeting you will connect to God Thoth and you will receive cosmic wisdom. He will pass information to you that can expand your consciousness and understanding about life on Earth and the cosmos. You will have the opportunity to ask questions related to any topic of cosmic wisdom. The light of God Thoth is the light of creation and can help everybody transform and connect to their true-self. This is an experience that can not be missed by anyone who is awake.


The meetings of Pantheon of Aeternam will take place close to Earth’s creation: the plants, trees, flowers and animals. Humanity should not disconnect from Earth because you will be no longer supported by her. Connecting to Earth’s energies, accepting Earth as a Goddess planet, you enable yourself to receive her light to help you connect to your whole being; your whole being consists of your physical form: your astral body, your higher-self and your creation-code. When you open up to the Earth’s energies you open up to the cosmic creation. Our meetings are held in high vibrational areas to help you open up and connect to the cosmic light. You will achieve clarity that will help you to transform and fulfil your purpose. The Gods can communicate with you and you are able to communicate with them. All mysteries will be revealed, all knowledge will be shared and cosmic unity will be restored on Earth. Cosmic unity will be experienced on Earth by the people who are able to communicate with us. We are all building bridges between the Earth and the Pleroma, we are all transmitting and receiving light and this way we all participate in recreating the Golden Era on Earth.


 V E N U E: Queen's Wood London

It is a 52-acre (21 hectare) area of ancient woodland in the London Borough of Haringey, abutting Highgate Wood and it was originally part of the ancient Forest of Middlesex. Queens Wood is an area of ancient woodland, which has been continuously wooded since at least AD 1600. These woods are thought to be the direct descendants of the original ‘wildwood’, which covered most of Britain about five thousand years ago. Certain plants have a particular affinity for ancient woodland and are more rarely encountered elsewhere.


The wood is an ancient oak-hornbeam woodland, which features English oak and occasional beech which provide a canopy above cherry, field maple, hazel, holly, hornbeam, midland hawthorn, mountain ash and both species of lowland birch. The scarce Wild Service Tree (which is evidence of the Woods's ancient origin) is scattered throughout the wood. Queen's Wood is a Local Nature Reserve.


The ground flora is particularly rich given its proximity to central London.  It includes a large population of wood anemone, goldilocks buttercup and wood sorrel, yellow pimpernel and square-stemmed St John’s wort. The rich diversity of wildlife in the Wood has been well researched and documented over the years. To date over 900 invertebrate species, 338 moth species, 353 fungi species, 70 bird species and seven bat species have been recorded. Many of these species are reliant on very particular niches found only in ancient woodlands, with their well-developed and complex ecosystems.


The Queen’s Wood Cabin is surrounded by an organic garden with apple and quince trees, red, black currant and gooseberry bushes interspersed with vegetable plots and flowers.

Queens Wood Cabin

42 Muswell Hill Road, N10 3JP, London