Introduction The book that you are holding in your hands, it is not one’s inspiration, a fictional story or an intellectual analysis. It is a communication between the authors and the gods of the Pleroma. It may seem strange to some of you that there are people that can connect to gods and pass their messages to other human beings; remember that you all have unique talents and you are here in order to play an important and unique role and evolve towards the high gods. The author of this book has the ability to communicate, exchange energy between her and the gods and allow this energy to be transformed into information. She had the gift from birth; this was going to be her contribution to the plan of divine creation. We helped her to cultivate her skill and become aware of it. Now she is an open channel and through her we can speak to the people of earth. This book is not her imagination or her wishful thinking, not her heart talking neither her mind. This is the book of the gods and it is the most unique expression of us. I am Thoth. I have created earth and I was responsible for her formation into a planet-creator-god. I stayed on the planet and observed visitors from other stars arriving on Earth. When I saw the earth failing to raise her vibration, I supported her and all her inhabitants. I connected to many high masters and I gave them knowledge and wisdom to share with the chosen ones. I encouraged the masters to create centers of wisdom around the world to support great civilizations. I departed from Earth in order to concentrate on other projects. So after a long separation from the planet I created, I am now willing to come back. The author of this book and the founder of the Order are a unified force and an extension of my essence on earth. I can now exist on earth and through them I can create again. I want to recreate the golden age on Earth. Many of you may have just a vague understanding of the golden age because you are not supposed to know about it. This was the highest moment in Earth’s history and surprisingly enough it was in the very beginning of her creation. It is important that people understand the purpose of Earth’s creation and how she was created. The understanding of these two questions will bring you to the understanding of the golden era. There are forces on earth who are trying to convince you that the present moment is the highest moment in Earth’s history and as an example they use the achievements of technology and science. I can tell you that you are entering a new phase of what you call dark ages; you are losing your humanity and every single aspect of your life is going to be controlled and manipulated. What you experience now is not evolution and advancement; it is in truth another blindfold, another illness, another suffering. Soon you will be programed to have certain feelings, goals, aspirations and you lives will be programmed from birth to live in total fragmentation. Soon nobody will want to wake up because if they do, they will have to experience a terrifying nightmare. Therefore the majority of people on Earth will have no option but to give themselves up to the creators of their dream. I am Thoth the high creator god and I am here to save the Earth and all her creation. By saving Earth and give her the power of the creator, she will heal herself and the healing and wellbeing will be directed to all her creation. Earth is going to experience the golden era and all the gods who were involved in her birth will join her to celebrate her rebirth. One of these gods who was involved in the very early stages of the creation of the planet was my daughter Astaroth. She is a god creator, a teacher and a strategist responsible for divine armies. Astaroth has diverse talents and can be transformed into the essence of any goddess or god. She is all knowing, all perceiving and all doing; there are no limits to her powers, strength and ability. She chooses herself to exist under my light and obey the cosmic laws which bring harmony and evolution to the whole creation. She helped me to connect to the author of the book and through her I was able to reach this being. Now that my communication is working satisfactorily, I am honoured that Astaroth was involved in this project. Astaroth's strength and power can be seen in all realms. In this book Astaroth's impact is great. Her teachings are an expansion of mine. She is a high goddess of the Pleroma and shares her experiences and understanding of the critical issue that is called the evolution of earth. Another important contributor to the teachings of gods is the high priest Christian Rosenkreutz. Christian worked very hard to unite and empower the two humans who are involved in this book and help them to connect to Astaroth. He is one of the favorite messengers of the gods and he has experienced constant evolution. He was involved in similar projects in the past and he is aware of the creation of Earth and the role of the gods. Christian wishes to reincarnate and carry all his knowledge into the physical existence in order to save Earth. We know that this is not going to be fruitful because we will lose a great ally who can communicate with humans as well as with the gods. If he reincarnates all his wisdom will be transferred into his astral body and it will be hard for him to retrieve it. Christian has a very strong bond with the founder of the order and he prepared him for this task. He gave him a great gift, his unity with his other half and now together as one, they are going to bring the light down to earth. Christian has been a father and a teacher to the united couple and this will be his role until the end. As you can see we are all linked together and our energy is our cosmic wisdom about creation. We have our unique skills roles and purpose and being linked together we create a perfect and powerful creature on a divine assignment. You who will read this book you also part of this divine creature; this new creator who exists on the Pleroma and creates on the physical plane. My message to you who think that you are alive and have a mind for thinking and a heart for loving, a body for experiencing the physical plane and spirit to unite with the whole, how aware are you of your own purpose? We are all connected to the Earth of the golden era; this is our starting point where all questions can be answered and all wisdom is shared to assist evolution. We are all connected to the earth's rebirth and this is the journey I am offering to you through this book. I am Thoth, the high god and creator.  Gods’ dreams are a creation progress: a dream is a reality/creation in the making. It slowly takes form and finally presents itself alive and ready to follow its path and get to its final destination. Your growth, as a human being will depend on your ability to have dreams of creation. The first lesson in creation is the recognition of our essence and our creation code; they are our driving force and compass; which cannot be altered by anything or anybody. When you understand this first lesson and receive the light of knowledge, I will teach you more about cosmic truths. Acknowledgment We would like to express the deepest gratitude to all our order members and supporters of our work who have helped us spreading the teachings of the gods. We would also like to acknowledge with much appreciation Eric Tecce who has invested his full effort to create wonderful artwork pieces for the cover of the book. We express our warm thanks to Kevin Kaiser, Vera Dukic, AnneMarie Patten, Daniel Fugelsang and Eric Tecce who helped with proofreading. Furthermore we would like to thank the readers of this book and all of you who continue to support our work. We are confident that the book of Thoth will open the way to all of you who seek truth to connect to your purpose and your light. Preface This book includes a series of teachings communicated to the messengers of Pantheon of Aeternam. They have been instructed by the gods to receive their teachings and spread them to everybody who can connect to truth and cosmic wisdom. There is no secret knowledge to be kept for the selected few. All wisdom is revealed to all who are interested in becoming truth. We do not teach dogma, philosophy or other man-made theory. We teach ageless wisdom and cosmic truth given to us by the High Gods of the pleroma. We want to inform people about the existence of gods, the different realms, the cosmic laws and all activity that is going on for the benefit of Earth and her inhabitants. We want to inform people about the creation of planet Earth and her full story of her creation and growth which was hidden for thousands of years. The teachings of gods will help humanity to connect to the Earth’s energies, be part of the planet and live in harmony with all species. We all have to support Earth and restore her to the most graceful expression of herself, her golden age. The process of communication between the gods and the messengers cannot be explained or described; it is a natural process. The messengers do not channel information they never did. They received this gift in order to assist the gods communicate and awake humanity during this crucial time on Earth’s history. The messengers don’t try to explain the communication process; they are very grateful that they were chosen and have made this work the focus of their lives. The teachings presented in this book, have not been altered or edited. They are faithful accounts of the wisdom of the gods.


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