The Book of Thoth will open the way to all of you who seek truth to connect to your whole being, to experience the superiority that this connection can give you and open the doors for wisdom to spread on Earth.

My teachings are designed to solve the problem of fragmentation in your time. I am connecting with you now, I am helping you to cure all the modern diseases and then I bring you ageless knowledge to help you connect to your higher-self which is ageless. My students should know that truth is the only way. The power of the gods can only become yours if purity and truth define your life and state of mind. Earth needs to connect to us and again truth is the only way of communication. I am here to bring the golden age, this is the task of the gods and enlightened ones.

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Bringing to life a true meeting place of us & the Gods of the Pleroma,  The Book of Thoth cover art captures the essence of the wisdom provided within. The cover & artwork was done by artist Eric Tecce, who has provided his talents to help bring a worthwhile Presentation to Pantheon of Aeternam.  You are welcome to view, in full, the book's wonderful cover art by clicking on the image to the right.

INCLUDES More than 300 pages more than 200 teachings a COMPLETE vocabulary SECTION PLUS extra teaching material: a dialogue with God Thoth: collected series of more thAn 40 dialogues with God Thoth with different people (God Thoth is answering over 40 questions from people)

Public Responses & Review Excerpts

Over a century ago, Watkins, the "University of Rejected Sciences", was born. In March 1893, John M. Watkins issued the first second-hand and remaindered book catalogue in his own name, giving 26 Charing Cross in the centre of London as his business address. He eventually moved the business to its present famous site at No.21 in Cecil Court in 1901. Two frequent visitors in those very early days were the Irish poet W.B. Yeats, himself a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, and G.R.S. Mead, author of numerous works on gnosticism and a prominent figure in the Theosophical Society.

The late 19th century was a time of vigorous questioning of long-held beliefs about the nature of man, his origins and his destiny as well as of the universe, which he inhabited. All these developments were to have a considerable impact on the thinking of many intellectuals preoccupied with spiritual and metaphysical questions. Amidst this intellectual upheaval there arose several organisations putting forward alternative views of man and his spiritual nature. There was an upsurge of interest in the hermetic and kabbalistic traditions, an impulse that lay behind the formation of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Additionally the new interest in the spiritual and metaphysical culture of Asia was to find an outlet in the founding of H.P. Blavatsky's Theosophical Society in America, Britain and India.

John Watkins was a friend and disciple of H P. Blavatsky and was himself personally involved in seeing the first edition of The Secret Doctrine, her great metaphysical classic, through his printing press. The ideal of founding the bookshop is said to have occurred to Mr Watkins in a conversation with Madame Blavatsky in which she lamented the fact that there was nowhere in London one could buy books on mysticism, occultism and metaphysics.


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